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Team Baseline Concussion Testing

UCSM can provide team and individual testing.

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Please contact our clinic to book your team and an information package can be sent to your team manager or coaching staff. All collision sport teams should consider having pre-participation testing. By collision sports, we mean Football, Rugby, Lacrosse and Hockey. We have had a disturbing rash of soccer players with concussions come into our center already so we further suggest all rep soccer clubs consider baseline testing.
We strongly suggest that Minor Midget level hockey players and higher be tested on the Impact Software due the forces that this level of athlete can experience during a collision.
Our Athletic Therapists can help resolve secondary problems resulting from a concussion injury such as whiplash. Proprioceptive training and Vestibular training can help resolve balance issues post concussion. Cranial Sacral treatments can be used when necessary, and referral to Osteopathic treatments can be made if required. With our on staff doctor’s supervision, we create structured return to play guidelines, and have the ability to quickly refer patients to our network of sports medicine specialists depending on client’s specific needs. It is essential to properly treat concussions upon onset to minimize post concussion syndrome and future complications.


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