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The Electro-Acuscope acts upon subcutaneous tissues and neurological issues to reduce pain and inflammation.

Utilizing a wide variety of probes for attended and unattended treatments, the therapist can treat a number of soft tissue conditions. All models of the Acuscope are effective in restoring circadian cycles and treating stress, anxiety and sleep disorders. Therapists and patients will experience unparalleled results in pain management, increased range of motion and accelerated healing.


This technology has been in use at UCSM since 1991 with several thousand patients treated successfully and cost effective.

We are semi famous in the Newmarket/ Aurora area for completely curing hundreds of cases of Plantar Fasciitis. Typical results are 95% resolution after 6 treatments. In the severe cases that have been around three years or more, the treatment regime is coupled with high dosage ultrasound to increase blood flow to the area and typically takes 10-12 treatments to 95% resolution.

The electro-Acuscope is extremely effective in treating scar tissue and fascial adhesions. If fascia has become adhered to the muscle belly, the patient and the therapist will both feel what can be best described as little “marbles or fine gravel” along the adhesion site.

The treatment is also extremely effective in releasing fascial adhesion between muscles. The best example of this would be in the chronic hamstring strain that seems to come and go with activity level. The famous “Hammy pop” that many Slo-pitch players experience is actually areas of adhesion that finally tear slightly but cause an inflammatory response and re-adheres if not treated correctly.


General Treatment Regimes: 

  • 320-Hz: Immune system stimulant
  • 180-Hz: Normalization of cellular electrical balance across the cell membrane
  • 80-Hz: Scar Tissue Release/Breakdown
  • 20 to 40-Hz: Decreasing Tone of Tight muscles
  • 10-Hz: Neurologic Stimulation/Electro –Acupuncture Stimulation
  • 8-HZ: Sedative treatment to normalize Brain Delta wave activity
  • 5-HZ: Increases blood flow to treatment area
  • 2.5-Hz: Local area pain desensitization
  • (HZ=cycles per second)

Widely known and well respected for its consistent effectiveness, the Electro Acuscope and Myopulse systems continue to be the only "feedback modulated" microcurrent modalities used in today’s chronic and acute pain/trauma rehabilitation market.

The Equipment: 
The unique factor which contributes to the outstanding effectiveness of the Acuscope and Myopulse is that the instruments were designed with a proprietary “tissue monitoring” circuitry and “biofeedback” controlled voltage and current waveforms. In other words these instruments monitor tissue impedance information which is used to carefully control the output current waveform in “real time” as the treatment takes place.

The Acuscope acts upon subcutaneous tissue and neurological issues to reduce pain and inflammation. It will also improve blood flow in circulatory-impaired tissues. The Myopulse is designed to treat connective tissue associated primarily with muscle, sports injuries, scar tissue and non-surgical facial rejuvenation (Myopulse Facial). The Acuscope, Myopulse Facial and Neuroscope (personal home unit) are effective in restoring the circadian cycles and treating stress, anxiety, addictions and sleep disorders.

Treatments are below the “prickling” threshold, are soothing and usually produce significant clinical improvements within the first few applications. The Acuscope, Myopulse and Neuroscope are FDA approved for therapeutic use.

A wide variety of manual hand-held and placement probes have been designed and incorporated into this treatment delivery system including bipolar brass point specific probes, with a variety of precious metal tips for specialty applications, dispersive roller electrodes and large and small placement electrodes for unattended therapy or self-treatment. Specialty probes including: auricular, odonton, lymph drainage, reflexology, soft tissue, facial, cellulite, head band and transcranial ear clips (for head trauma stress, anxiety and sleep) have been designed for health care professionals in every field of chronic pain management, sports injuries and "pro-aging" (anti-aging) esthetics. 


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