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Our sports medicine model, state of the art modalities and manual therapy techniques can provide leading edge care to get you back to your training schedule. Elite marathoners, professional baseball players and professional hockey players have already been our clients and have successfully returned to their sports.
Rehabilitation for an elite athlete needs to be different than that of the average weekend warrior and our staff is experienced and connected enough to make great leaps in therapy expectations or referrals to elite Sports Medicine Physicians and Orthopedic Specialists. We take great pride though in rendering the need for further orthopedic consultation unnecessary.
We have a significant collection of exercise equipment that allows the elite athlete to rehabilitate past the medical rehab stage to one of pre competition readiness. Upper Canada Sports Medicine is able to easily transition you to work with our personal trainer following a medically directed rehabilitation.
Part of our success stems from our team approach with Athletic Therapists, Massage Therapists, Physiotherapist and Osteopathic Practitioners can take your rehabilitation to any extreme that is needed to get you back on the court, ice surface, or practice facility to compete to the best of your abilities.


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