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We strive to be a good member of a network of therapists that refer to one another when we run into conditions that present issues that fall outside of our scopes of practice. We have a network of Sports Medicine physicians that we refer to that may be able to help move patients through our medical system. We work hard at helping patients get further diagnostic procedures done as quickly as possible. We will also refer your patient back to you once the specific condition that required our specific skills or technology has been resolved. Ideally we seek to work collabratively and share information in keeping with current privacy laws.

Upper Canada Sports Medicine has a long history of working with high school, college and university cooperative programs. Ryan Richardson, our head RMT and massage therapist with the Toronto Blue Jays was one of our first coop students. (How long ago is to remain a deeply shrouded secret)

If you have interests in becoming an Athletic Therapist, physiotherapist, RMT or osteopath, we can advise or direct you to the best possible route to take.

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